Women of the PBR: Dana Lee

Mike and Dana Lee.


  • Dana first learned of the PBR in 2010.
  • Dana and Mike met at Johnny Utah's, a bar in New York.
  • The Long Island girl moved to Texas to start a life with the man of her dreams.

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When most people find out I’m originally from New York, their first question is always, “Well, then how’d you end up here in Texas?”

Growing up on Long Island, I had no idea that bull riding even existed until 2010 when I saw something on TV promoting the event at Madison Square Garden. It looked like it would be something fun to do, going to a bull riding, so my brother-in-law bought tickets. We had such a fun time, but had no idea who any of the riders were or what was going on for most of the event. What we did know was the riders had to stay on for eight seconds and that guy on the back of the horse had the second coolest job in the world, the first being Flint’s.

Mike and Dana in Las Vegas.

The following year, I went to the event at MSG for a second time – for my birthday – since we had so much fun the year before. After the event, I went to Johnny Utah’s, a local place with a mechanical bull. Little did I know walking into Johnny’s that night that I would leave having met my future husband.

We met on a Friday night and fell in love on a Sunday over dinner. I truly believe that God handpicked Mike for me to marry. I know it sounds hard to believe, but a few months later, Last Cowboy Standing was scheduled to be in Las Vegas on the exact same weekend I had already planned a trip with my cousin to go to Vegas before I even met Mike. I feel that if we hadn’t met in New York like we did, then God would have made sure we met in Las Vegas. God always has a way of making sure you’re exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there.

So there I was a New Yorker in love with a Texan, talk about what’s a girl to do? So I did the only thing that felt right in my heart. I married Mike and moved to Texas to start a life with the man of my dreams.

Lee wedding
Mike and Dana on their wedding day.

Since marrying Mike my life has changed a lot and all for the better. I moved to the beautiful state of Texas and have been able to travel the country with him going to PBR events. While it was hard leaving New York and my family there, I can honestly say I’m happy I made the move. There are some things that will take some getting used to, like everything being so far away from each other that you can’t walk anywhere so you have to drive and of course those hot Texas summers. Then there are some things that just felt right from the beginning, like marrying Mike and starting a family together.

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