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The Morning Line - Billings, Round 2
The Morning Line - Billings, Round 2

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Billings Invitational, presented by Cooper Tires, continues on Saturday evening with Round 2 at 7:30 p.m. ET on RidePass.

Mason Taylor on 254 Dynamite Cap:

Taylor may be banged up here from getting stepped on last night. He kept a low score and declined a re-ride option on a sub-par bull, but he still impressed with his effort. His bull didn’t score well last night, but he was certainly hard to stay on, and Taylor showed a lot of grit just getting to the whistle. Taylor is a young guy, and he hasn’t put up monster numbers in his career so far, but lately he has looked like this level of competition suits him very well. He has a great sense of balance and quick reaction. Beyond that, bull riding is all in your brain.

Cody Teel on 83C Testimony:

This bull is unridden in four career outs, but Teel may change that. Cody Jesus got in a wreck on Testimony in Little Rock, Arkansas, last month, and in that out the bull had decent timing and looked like he was going to whirl to the right until the whistle blew. That should fit Teel very well.

Joe Frost on 450 Scarface:

Scottie Knapp was 88 points on this bull in Sioux Falls, S.D. last week. Scarface is a very rideable bull, but much more so for lefty riders. He is 9-1 against right-handed guys. Frost will have to go away from his hand here, but when a bull has good timing and is fairly honest, you can’t expect him to throw Frost off.

Dakota Buttar on 28C Newsom:

This bull is 3-0 against left-handed riders in his short career. Buttar will be the best lefty he’s faced yet. Sean Willingham was 87.25 points on Newsom in Sacramento, California, and Newsom also gave up a 91-point score at a Vernal, Utah, pro rodeo last summer.

Stetson Lawrence on 4C Audacious:

This may be the best matchup in the round. Cooper Davis won the opening round in Sioux Falls on this bull last week. Audacious is one of the best bulls available in this round, and he should spin into Lawrence’s hand. Lawrence already has a score from last night, and he has a chance to go deep here.

Cooper Davis on 208 Double Down:

This bull spends most of his time on the rodeo trail. He’s 19-4 in his career, but he doesn’t face high-level riders as often as he would in the PBR. He’s 2-3 against the best riders he has met. Sage Kimzey and Cody Teel both have big-scoring rides against him over the past couple of years.

Keyshawn Whitehorse on C4 Taco Cat:

Taco Cat doesn’t have a long history, and we don’t know too much about him. He threw Derek Kolbaba off in Tacoma, Washington, last month. With Kolbaba, he went to the right with a lot of intensity and speed, but he didn’t look to have real power. If he has the same trip here, he should fit Whitehorse pretty well.

Ryan Dirteater on 41B- Cool Customer:

Joao Ricardo Vieira rode this bull at the World Finals, and Chase Outlaw rode him at his first event this year in Glendale, Arizona. Since then, Cool Customer has bucked off seven straight riders. Customer has 19 outs in his career, and he’s been ridden seven times, but he gave up five of those in his first six outs in late 2017 through early 2018. Since then he’s been consistently hard to ride. His buckoff numbers are close to the same for right or left-handed guys, and for high-ranked riders, and that usually indicates a bull that has timing breaks or forward movement or some other trait that presents a problem for every rider.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 212 Cow Ah Bunga:

This may be a repeat of last night for Vieira. This bull fits him reasonably well. Cow Ah Bunga is a veteran rodeo bull with a lot of experience. He should go to the left and look a lot like Vieira’s first-round bull, but he can have some forward movement, which will make him tougher to ride.

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