There are many advantages to being a bull rider with the PBR. With events globally, we offer riders the opportunity to compete for the largest payouts in all of professional bull riding.

PBR bull riders will be competing alongside the best in the world and attempt to ride the rankest bulls on the planet. The financial opportunities that are available to PBR riders are second to none with the largest payouts in professional bull riding up for grabs, including the $1 million World Champion bonus and $300,000 World Finals event winner prize.

PBR is also working tirelessly on a new, state-of-the-art performance facility to enhance your skills as an athlete. The PBR facility will allow riders to rehabilitate from injuries, learn how to improve themselves as a professional athlete and offer coaching from some of the best bull riders in the business.

In 2016, riders at all levels of PBR competition earned close to $9 million in prize money. In 2017, that total will rise another $1.5 million, with an additional $825,000 being offered at the PBR’s international tours in Brazil, Canada, Australia and Mexico.

PBR bull riders can make a very good living doing what they love.

Here is some information below on how to become a PBR bull rider.

PBR Membership

A bull rider must be 18 years of age to purchase a PBR Membership. They must fill out the PBR Membership application below. The membership fee is $420 per year, and the membership is good from the time of purchase all the way through Oct. 31. Any membership purchased after Oct. 1 will roll over and count for the following PBR season.

After you purchase your PBR Membership, you will receive a membership packet with your cards, a set of rowels, a current schedule and a rulebook. You will start with your Permit. This Permit allows you to enter all Touring Pro Division and Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour events. Once you win $2,500 in prize money, you will be upgraded from Permit status to a Card holder at no additional cost. To maintain your Card holder status, you must continue to win $2,500 each year. If you fail to win $2,500 in a season, you will have to go back to Permit status.

For any questions about PBR Memberships, call Jack Holmberg at 719-242-2800 Ext. 3235. If you wish to fill out an application, download the application PDF below and fill it out. You can either send it back in the mail at PBR 101 W Riverwalk Pueblo, CO 81003, fax it to 719-242-2767, or email it to jholmberg@pbr.com.

Entry Process

The PBR Competition Department takes entries each week beginning at 8 a.m. MT on Tuesday and closes entries at noon MT on Thursday. The books are open for each event two and a half weeks prior to the actual event date. To enter, or if you would like an updated schedule sent to you with all the call in dates, call 719-242-2865 and PBR can get one to you and get you entered. The schedule also has the entry fees, venues, added money and event dates listed.

Open entries are accepted at all Touring Pro Division and Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour events. However preference will go to PBR Members for getting a position in those events. If you do enter as an open rider and get a position, and if you win at least $420, your membership dues will be withheld from your prize money and you will receive a PBR Membership.

Once the books close on Thursday for each event, the competition department goes through all the riders whom entered and qualifications for each event to set the positions on Thursday afternoon. Call backs to see if you made it into the event are on Fridays. The number of riders in each event will vary, depending on the event format.

Any points or money earned at any PBR event will count towards the PBR world standings, and once you earn enough points to get into the Top 35 in the standings, you earn yourself a chance to compete at the PBR’s elite 25th PBR: Unleash the Beast.

Download the 2019 Bull Rider Application Form